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LiZ2: That Certain Something

November 14, 2017

I’ve been listening to Lizz (LiZ2) Wright’s new CD, “GRACE”, non-stop, since it was released.

I just love it. 💖

It’s been slightly over three years since I first became aware of her and her music. I’ve been following her ever since.

She tours overseas and in the U.S., all year long, sprinkling her musical 🎶 magic  in the hearts of everyone, in every town, she flutters by.

If I could, somehow, be everywhere that she sings, and listen to her every time, I would. She means a lot to me and I never tire of seeing and hearing her sing.

I don’t like to wait until she returns to Seattle to see and hear her, so I go wherever she is, whenever I can.

So I’ve traveled to these cities, during the past three years, to see and hear her, and I’ve written a post about each trip:

October 2014 – Madison, WI….“My Trip to Madison” and “Sunday at the J’s”

February 2015 – Asheville, NC“Old Landmarks”

June 2015 – Aspen, CO…………..“Aspen-Defy Ordinary”

September 2015 – Boston, MA….“Weekend Trip To Boston”

September 2015 – Seattle, WA….“West Coast To East Coast To West Coast To East Coast To West Coast in 15 Days”

September and October 2015 – Zurich, Switzerland…..“Three Hours In Engleberg, Switzerland”; “First Time To Zurich, Switzerland, But Not The Last”; “Yodeloke In Grindlewald, Switzerland”.

February 2016 – Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.; Austin, TX…….“Living Dreams, Chasing Rainbows…..And Other Phenomena!”

March 2016 – Atlanta, GA…….“Weekend In Atlanta, Georgia”

April 2017 – Seattle, WA……“The Song-Whisperer”; “Paying Tribute”; “Good Fortune”

June 2017 – Seattle, WA…..“Heartless In Seattle”

July 2017 – Aspen, CO……“Whirlwind Weekend In Aspen, Colorado”

August 2017 – Chicago, IL……“Seems I’m Never Tired Loving You”“Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation”

September 2017 – New York City, NY;  Ridgefield, CT;  Providence, RI;  New Hampshire;  Rockport, MA……“Shhhh! Genius At Work! (unearthing her GRACE) 


These are just a thimble full of the many places she has been, to perform, all over the world. But even traveling to these few places, to see and hear her, has immeasurably enriched my life.


That certain SOMETHING!

Just this weekend, I finally figured out exactly why I have such an affinity for her and only her.

And it’s not just the obvious things about her, such as the way she sings, or the beautiful African-American instrument she sings with, or the songs she so carefully selects, or her eclecticism, or her artistic flair, or her articulation, or her warmth, beauty, wit and charm, or the way she moves, or the songs she writes, or that slight element of sadness she harbors, or her attitude of gratitude toward life, or her principled and grounded way of living mindfully and purposely, or the talented musicians she works with, or her collaborations with others, or her humanitarian causes and concerns.

All these things make her remarkable, unique and adorable.

But as I once said before, in a previous post, it is “something” in the nature of her voice that only Lizz has (a natural and precious element I playfully call LiZ2) that captivates me.

That certain something in her voice, stirs up a sense of wonderment” within my soul and makes my spirit soar.

 It’s a compelling combination of wonder, surprise, and curiosity“.

(That’s what I figured out!)


I remember, as a little boy, experiencing that same sense of wonderment as I sat on the edge of my seat in front of the big screen in movie theaters.

I felt the same when I listened to Elvis sing (of course, I was only 6 years old back then).

Sunrises, sunsets, majestic mountains, newborn babies, et cetera, can make me feel this way too.

I get that sense of wonder, surprise, and curiosity every time I hear Lizz sing or talk and it keeps me coming back for more.

That’s what makes me hang onto every note 🎶 she sings and every word she utters.😊

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