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“Season of Love, Joy and Fun”

January 20, 2022

To me, the winter holiday season begins on November 1 and doesn’t subside until a day or two after New Year’s Day.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day have always been about being with family and friends in the great spirit of God’s love for us all.

It’s the little things and the unexpected things that make this time of year so special.

Spending time with loved ones. Observing them. Finding out what’s new with them. Laughing with each other. Laughing at each other. Bearing gifts. Sharing food, thoughts and things. Having time off from work to just chill. Playing in the snow (if there is any to play in). Enjoying singing or just listening to music and watching favorite movies. Cooking and eating together.


My neighbors, Shawn and Jocelyn, gave me a bushel of apples from the two apple trees in their back yard.

My son, Tim, is a foodie and also loves to cook.

He makes the best ever apple butter.

The birds and the bugs had gotten to part of the apples, but even after cutting out the bad parts….

……we still were able to yield six or seven large mason jars of apple butter, which we shared with the neighbors and family members.

That single event ignited the Holiday spirit within me! 😄

It also reminded me of an experience I had when I was a six or seven-year old kid.

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Seattle Heat Wave: Beatin’ the Heat

July 12, 2021

Summers in Seattle are always Super but the last two weeks (6/20-7/3), we had an atypical heat wave come through.

We often do have a couple of hot days, but usually not until August.

I don’t have A/C so the temperature inside my house was unbearable and I had to take “evasive measures” to get out of it.

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“Happy Birthday, Andy”

May 28, 2021

Celebrating Andy’s 74th birthday over a fabulous Korean feast.

“The Mirror of Friendship”

A friend holds the mirror of self-esteem.

You can see at a glance someone you admire.

But the beauty of that reflection, to me, it seems,

is the glow of concern from the friendship fire.

……..Dennis Adams (Summer, 1977)

About the poem

When I was about 27 years old (1977), I was at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) studying basic Korean, in Monterey, California. It was an intensive, one-year long course.

During that time one of my Korean instructors introduced me to her niece and asked if I would sing with her for some cultural event they held at DLI for each new class that came through. We studied the culture, customs and arts, as well as the language.

Her name was Cho, Gun Hui but Americans have a hard time remembering Gun-Hui so she adopted the name of Connie (it was the closest-sounding American name to Gun Hui) which she thought would be easier to remember.

I already had lived in Korea for one year and I liked Korean music and had learned several Korean songs, so I was happy she asked me to sing with her niece.

She was a beautiful Korean girl. She sang really well (much better than I) and we became friends. We practiced the songs that we were going to perform for the cultural event, and in so doing, got to know each other fairly well.

I was inspired to write a short poem (the one above) about friendship and I gave a copy to her.

She liked the poem. So she went to a frame shop to have them etch the poem onto a mirror and frame it, and then she gave it to me as a going away gift (I was almost finished with the one-year Korean language program by then).

I was moved by the thoughtfulness of her gift and her friendship.

But, after that summer, we were destined to go our separate ways, and we never did have contact again. But I have good memories of her and the short time I spent with her.

I told my son, Tim, about the poem, and the story behind it…………

No! Wait a minute…..

I told my son, Tim, about the poem, and the story behind it…….

No! Sorry! Just one more minute.

I told my son, Tim, about the poem, and the story behind it…….

Oh my gosh! Sorry!………..

I told my son, Tim, about the poem, and the story behind it……..


“HmmThe Mirror of Friendship, he murmured, while contemplating the story.

Then he continued, “Dad, that’s such a clever way of saying the only friend you have is yourself!” 😂😂


I don’t know why I even try…..😳😩


My favorite line in that poem is “…the glow of concern from the friendship fire.

When you are really good friends with someone there is always a genuine caring and concern emanating from both sides.

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