The First Time Ever

February 10, 2018

I was thinking about the The First Time Ever I heard Lizz Wright sing Roberta Flack’s song called, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face“.

I think it was during The First Time Ever I went to Boston, Massachusetts, to see and hear Lizz sing.

As I listened to her in Boston, it reminded me of The First Time Ever I heard Lizz sing.

I was in Seattle and she was singing, “Reaching For The Moon”, on KIXI radio. I was just blown away by her voice.

So, now it’s three years later, and as I think back on that moment, I realized that was……………………….

…..The First Time Ever I Didn’t Saw Her Face!

(Get it? It was radio….!)


I’m sorry..😉


I really just said all that, to say this:

No matter how many times I see and hear Lizz, it always seems like The First Time Ever!!



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