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May 31, 2017

When you choose to be grateful, on a daily basis, it’s easy to see the good fortune that comes your way. 

And even when things aren’t going great, you can still find the silver lining there.

It was my good fortune to spend 12 years in South Korea, learning about the language, culture, food, music and art. The Korean spelling for good fortune is…..



It was my good fortune to also learn about 1200 Chinese characters, as they are used within the Korean language. The Chinese characters for good fortune are…..


It’s my good fortune to be good with my hands and enjoy woodworking and design.


It’s my good fortune to have athletic prowess….

(I didn’t say I was a good shot!)

Oh! But I am……

It’s my good fortune to know what love is and what love is not.

It’s my good fortune to enjoy music and be able to sing and play guitar.

It’s my good fortune to have gone to the Triple Door in Seattle, last December, with my kids, who took me there for dinner and a show on my birthday. That was my first time there.

It’s my good fortune to be going to the Triple Door again, in a couple weeks, to see and hear Lizz Wright sing, so soon after seeing and hearing her sing at Jazz Alley, just this past April.

(I think her “peeps”, who scheduled the event, are just trying to make me happy!!)

It’s my good fortune to have heard “Painted Sky”, a beautiful song written by Lizz and Maia Sharp, opining our shortcomings in the way we love one another, and asking for mercy and patience as we try to get it right!

These are just a few of the things I’m grateful for, which are part of my good fortune.

Lizz overflows with gratitude and her artistic nature inspires me.


A few months ago, Lizz’ posted this on her Facebook page:

Lizz said…………“My idea of great fortune.”

(………seeing a magnificent Monarch butterfly light upon a sunflower!)


But this is………My idea of great fortune.

(……….seeing a musical monarch flutterby and light upon the stage.


Lizz is coming to the Triple Door on June 11.

If you can make it to her show, it will be your good fortune!

But even if you can’t…….then start asking yourself today, “What is my good fortune?”


P.S. The Triple Door promo about Lizz said she would be performing as a duo. I’m so curious  about who she will be singing with.

P.P.S. Click on musical monarch  (above) to watch Lizz’ video clip of Lean In, a song on her Freedom and Surrender CD, which she co-authored with Jesse Harris and Larry Klein, and which made it on President Obama‘s 2016 list of favorite songs.

(President Obama’s Summer Playlist: Nighttime  (Song Number 18)

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