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The Happy Wanderer: Yodeling My Way To Switzerland

October 19, 2015

In my previous post, “West Coast to East Coast to West Coast to East Coast to West Coast in  15 Days”, I talked about traveling back and forth, across the U.S.,  four times in 15 days.

That’s not something I normally do. So I was even surprised when I realized I had done just that.

In fact, I’ve traveled more during the past year (from November 2014 to October 2015),  than I have in the past ten years.


In November of 2014, I went to Madison, Wisconsin, to see and hear Lizz Wright perform and to give her a copy of a song I wrote about her. If you are interested you can read about that in the post I call “My Trip To Madison” and “Sunday At The J’s”.


In February of 2015, I went to Asheville, North Carolina, to listen to a gospel music program put together by Lizz and held at the Asheville Baptist Church, to honor Martin Luther King Jr. The post about that trip is called “Old Landmarks”.


In August of 2015, I flew to Aspen, Colorado, to see and hear Lizz sing at the Aspen Art Museum. You can read about that trip in a post called, “Aspen-Defy Ordinary”.


In September of 2015, I flew to Boston, Massachusetts, to see and hear Lizz at the Berklee Performance Center. That story is covered in my post called, “Weekend Trip To Boston”.


Also in September of 2015, I went to Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee, to attend a bi-annual family reunion with the Adams family. That trip is included in the post called, “West Coast to East Coast to West Coast to East Coast to West Coast in 15 Days”.


After the family reunion, I continued on to Manteo, North Carolina,  with three other Adams family members, to  attend the Roanoke Island Bluegrass Festival on the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina. That trip is also covered in the “West Coast to East Coast to West Coast to East Coast to West Coast in 15 Days”.


There are a few reasons for this sudden change in my travel habits.

First, I realized that for some time I had been neglecting myself and the things I like to do, and for no apparent good reason.I like traveling and there are so many places to see and experience. So I decided to make travel a priority.

Second, I started this blog post in August 2014 about three months prior to this decision to travel. I thought If I experienced new places and people it would give me additional ideas and interesting things to write about.

Third, my interest in travel hacking was growing stronger every day. I started learning tips, tricks, and shortcuts to reduce the cost of traveling so I could afford to go more frequently and, in some cases, travel for free.

Fourth, I became aware of a singer named, Lizz Wright, whom I absolutely love to listen to and I don’t want to just sit around and wait for her to come to Seattle to perform. I’m happy to go wherever she will be on tour, as long as I have the time and resources.

Fifth, as I continue the blog, I’m getting new ideas for projects to do and write about on my website, which  involve travel.



So, to finish out the year, I have one more trip which I arranged several months ago.

Soon I’ll be going to Zurich, Switzerland, for one week.

It’s a place I’ve always wanted to see but never made it happen. Now it’s going to happen.

Somebody once said, “People need three things to be happy: someone to love,  something to do,  and  something to look forward to.” 

I think there is truth in that.

Since I decided to make travel a priority, I feel a pronounced sense of  joy knowing I will be going to a new place for a new adventure in the not too  distant future.

Sometimes I think we fall into a pattern or we “get stuck” and we neglect to feed our soul with the things that nourish it.

I have several things I want to do while I’m in Zurich and I’ll be writing about that trip and publishing posts as soon as I can. Maybe even before I leave Switzerland.

I already have tickets to go to the JazzNoJazz Festival that will be held there that week. One night I will see and hear Lizz.

I never get tired of listening to her sing. For me, every time is like the first time.

Lizz is on tour over there now.  Talk about a frequent traveler.  She’s all over the map, feeding and nourishing the souls of her fans.

Then two nights later, I’ll see  Lisa Simone (Nina Simone’s daughter) perform. I’ve never been to any of her shows before.

I’m looking forward to both  shows.


So this week I’ve been learning to yodel.

Man, it’s a trip. It’s so fun to learn but it’s a little more difficult than I expected.

But you know what they say?……….”When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

I feel like the little boy who just started learning to play the violin and  everyone around him is fleeing to another room!

It’s extremely hard to find family or friends to whom I can show my “yodeling progress”  as they all seem to be very busy these days.

I have my reasons for learning to yodel but that’s all I can say right now. I’ll be writing more about that in the post about my trip to Switzerland.

If you don’t flee, you too will be able to hear my yodeling progress soon!!

There! Now you  have something to look forward to!

But you’ll have to find someone to love and something to do, on your own.

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