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I Was Born To…..

July 4, 2018

Sometimes Life throws you a curve. You didn’t see it coming. You get caught up in the turmoil of the disconnect. Things seem off.

When that happens to me, I have to take one step forward and two steps back.

That’s when the voice in my heart starts trying to be heard.

That’s when I need to reconnect with my soul and my mission in this life.

Thinking about the things (below) that are important to me, helps me reconnect:

I was born to……

….show compassion

….dream and create

….to seek out beauty and truth

….to see how things can be better instead of how they are

….to show love is the greater path

….to inspire others to see the beauty around them, through my thoughts, words, and actions

….to make a difference in other people’s lives

….to help others while I help myself

….to rejoice when I see someone overcome an obstacle and succeed at something

….to do whatever I can to encourage those whose lives move near my own

….to find the best in others.


What were you born to do?


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