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Hi! My name is Dennis Adams.

All my life I wondered what I was supposed to do or who I was meant to be. I assumed we all had one true path in life and it was our job to figure out what it was and then to carry it out.  I never thought that we might have more than one path or many paths.

I have many interests and I see value in everything so it’s hard to pick just one thing to do or study. I want to do it all. My curiosity and enthusiasm for experiencing, discovering, learning and creating leads me to various related or even unrelated subjects. This leads to an endless stream of ideas and projects to be conceived and carried out.

I don’t finish them all. I don’t even start some of them. In my mind they have equal priority so sometimes I’m confused about which one to do first, so I end up doing nothing for a while until I “get my cue” on which one to start. They are  all fascinating and stimulating to me and they light up my brain!

At times I feel like a dreamer and think I should try to focus on one thing…………..(this is a brief and partial description of a scanner and I believe I am one).

If that was starting to sound like you then maybe you’re a scanner too. And maybe this site will be of interest to you and have relevance to your life.

But first, I’d like to introduce you to Barbara Sher.  She’s the brilliant, caring and insightful woman who coined the term “scanner” and first used the term in 1994, in a book she wrote and called, “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was”.

She goes to great lengths to define what a scanner is and she has identified several types of scanners. It is her sole mission to help everyone on this Earth find their mission in life.

Her words of wisdom and experience about scanners and human behavior ring true to me and resonate deeply within me. I’ve never met her and she doesn’t know me, but I love all her other books too and she has affected me in a good way through her writings.

Because of her writings, I have begun to more closely observe, determine and respect things I like and do, and not take them for granted anymore. I’ve also learned not to downplay or undervalue these interests of mine because they are where my gifts and talents lie.

Barbara’s work seems to have given all of us scanners permission just to be ourselves, which is huge.

So this site is a place for me to express my “scanner-ness”, through my ideas, art, experiences, insights, music and compassion for others.  A place where other scanners (or quite possibly, anyone) can identify with the personal journey I’m on, as I rediscover and appreciate my gifts and talents and decide how to best express them and use them to help myself and others.

Hopefully, you’ll find something here to encourage, help or uplift you.

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