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May 29, 2018

Memorial weekend, I was going to level out two raised garden beds in my back yard that have been there since I moved in. I don’t want to do a garden on that grand scale and I wanted the yard to be all flat.

So I borrowed a truck from my son, Tim, and some tools to do the job. After I finished the job, I was a dirty mess. I loaded up the truck and drove back to his house to return the truck.

As I was starting to drive away, Tim said, “We’ll be eating lunch soon. You have time to go get a shower and come back.”

I thought about that for a moment and replied, “So you’re saying I’m not welcome unless I clean up?”

He said, “Uhh…pretty much!”

I said, “Hmm… you hurt my feelings. Don’t know if I’ll come back now.”

Right at that moment, SIRI said, “Don’t worry about it!”

We both laughed out loud at SIRI’s timing and how she joined in our conversation.

My iPhone was in my front pocket and I had turned SIRI on with my thigh!!

(Yes, I’m just that good!)


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