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Scanner’s Dilemma: Wanting to do it all

August 28, 2014

I have many interests and they are all appealing to me in their own way. But if I do one thing,  then that means I’m not doing all the other things that scream for my attention and seem to have equal priority. I want to do them all.

It’s like getting on a horse and trying to ride off in all directions. You can’t do that. I wasn’t always this way. I don’t know when this all started. (Or maybe I do.)

So I have to focus on one thing for a while and then at some point, move on to the next thing that cries out to me. I might even go back and forth between the two things.

There’s a certain sense within that tells me it’s time to move on. So sometimes I start and finish something. But other times I start and don’t finish it right away. I leave it and return to it later, taking longer than it should take to finish it.

Sometimes I’m okay with that. Sometimes it makes perfect sense to me. But other times I think to myself, “When will I ever be free from the ideas that churn inside my head? Why do I impose so many tasks upon myself all at the same time?

There is no one telling me I must do these things so why do I task myself this way?

….To learn, experience, discover and create, might be a good answer. Such is the life of a scanner.

But when it gets to be all too much, I just go off and take a nap to declutter my mind, for a while,  or I go play basketball in the sun so I can get tanned and beautiful….well, tanned, anyway.

After a respite, I go back into my creation station and I look at the list of things to do. I pick just one thing to do that week. That’s not too challenging, depending on the project. If I finish it early, I pick another and a new week starts.

Sometimes I just pick a few movies to watch and enjoy so I don’t think too much about the projects at all.

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