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Father’s Day Weekend

July 7, 2018

Usually I celebrate Father’s Day with my “Big Kids” on Sunday, just like most people do around the Nation.

Of course, I’m the center of attention, the ✨STAR✨ of the show, and they serve me, as it should be, right?….

…..while I lap up the good service, and simply bestow my years of wisdom upon their eager ears (when I can get their attention)!!

But this past Father’s Day started on Friday and didn’t wind down until about 11 p.m. on Sunday night.

What made it different and meaningful and longer than usual was the way I spent each day of the weekend with people (family and friends) I care about the most here in Seattle.

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Angelique Kidjo at Benaroya Hall

July 4, 2018

I took a picture (above) of this page, which was in the March edition of “Seattle Magazine”, where they were promoting her and her upcoming performance at Benaroya Hall in May, 2018.

I took this photo of her on stage at Benaroya Hall on May 2, 2018, from my front row seat, as she performed that evening.

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Health and Wellness

I Was Born To…..

July 4, 2018

Sometimes Life throws you a curve. You didn’t see it coming. You get caught up in the turmoil of the disconnect. Things seem off.

When that happens to me, I have to take one step forward and two steps back.

That’s when the voice in my heart starts trying to be heard.

That’s when I need to reconnect with my soul and my mission in this life.

Thinking about the things (below) that are important to me, helps me reconnect:

I was born to……

….show compassion

….dream and create

….to seek out beauty and truth

….to see how things can be better instead of how they are

….to show love is the greater path

….to inspire others to see the beauty around them, through my thoughts, words, and actions

….to make a difference in other people’s lives

….to help others while I help myself

….to rejoice when I see someone overcome an obstacle and succeed at something

….to do whatever I can to encourage those whose lives move near my own

….to find the best in others.


What were you born to do?


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June 1, 2018

With as many songs that have been written throughout the ages, and with only 5, 6, 7, 8, or 12 notes in a scale, depending on which scale you’re using, you’d think that at some point, we’d run out of combinations of notes to make a new and unique song.

But everyday we hear new ones. And the songs are as unique as each of the people who wrote them. It seems like the possibilities are endless. I think that’s amazing!

Certain songs tug at your heart strings even though they can be totally different styles.

Others don’t affect you at all.

And some are really annoying.

But it’s all subjective. Songs I like may be boring to you and vice versa.

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Serendipity At Work….Continued

May 30, 2018

I just love it when serendipity shows up at my door.

With all the negative things that happen out there in the world, it’s a great feeling to know the Universe (I see it as God’s love) is always behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and doing its magic, for our benefit, no less.

But you have to be able to see it to appreciate it.

In two previous posts, “The Creative Zone: Serendipity/Syncronicity”, and “Creativity: When Ideas Strike!”, I wrote about a serendipitous moment I experienced when I was brainstorming ideas for a bookcase I needed and wanted to build, myself, in my shop. I needed it to hold some Korean books, dictionaries and language reference books I had accumulated while I worked and lived in Korea for 12 years as a Korean translator.

(Click on the links above and scroll toward the bottom to see the bookcase and read the story about how the idea for the bookcase came about through a series of seemingly unrelated events…until that moment!…when they all became related. Ahhh… the serendipitous event!)

Also in my last post, “Serendipity At Work”, I mentioned four separate incidents of serendipity at work, while I was traveling around Europe to see and hear Lizz Wright sing, in April this year.

So this post is about, yet, another serendipitous moment I experienced which was also Lizz-related. It started to unfold in 2015 but actually took place in 2017.

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