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Swish Me Clean

May 30, 2019
“Bask’ing In The Sun” In Chicago by Lake Michigan in August, 2016.

Lizz Wright, my favorite singer of all time (and forever), sings a song, penned by K. D. Lang, called “Wash Me Clean”.

It’s a dreamy tune that sends me to a lofty space where I start dreaming wide awake.

In a previous post called “SHHHH! Genius At Work”! (Unearthing Her Grace), I shared a story about that song and I mentioned how much I like “Wash Me Clean” and how it elevates me to that dreamy state of mind, a place I like to go from time to time. It’s one of those songs that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. (I am a dreamer, after all.)

One day, I got the idea to overdub that song onto a video clip of me shooting hoops in slow motion. But I only wanted to use the shots I swished so I could call the video clip “Swish Me Clean”.

So I thought about a video I made of me while I was “Bask’ing (basket balling) In The Sun”, in Chicago, at a beautiful venue adjacent to Lake Michigan, in August, 2016.

I was playing there early in the morning, the day after I went to see and hear Lizz sing in her show, which was themed “Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation”. I wrote about that show in a post and I named the post the same name as the show.

There are some good video clips in that post of Lizz singing songs from her sixth CD, called “Grace”, which she had just released around that time. (Click on the link to see and hear her sing those.)

She sings several other songs in this style too, a style I described as “winsome, wistful whisperings” in my previous post, called “Sound Bytes #3….The Wright Sound (Lizz Wright), (

Four songs I can think of immediately are Dreaming Wide Awake, Speak Your Heart, I’m Confessin’, Here and Now. Click on these links to hear them.

When I listen to her sing those songs, or any of her songs, really, I think to myself, “That is what a Real woman sounds like!”, and my heart throbs from “sighsmic” activity within me. I’m not trying to be cute here. Her music really does get to me. (Btw, I do know how to spell “seismic”.) I’m smarter than you think I am you are. 🤪

The more I listen to her music, the more I like her music. And the more I like her music, the more I want to listen to her music. It has become and endless cycle of reverence and joy for her music.

Hope you enjoy the song and the video!

Curiously, I didn’t miss even one shot!!

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Sound Bytes #3….”The Wright Sound (Lizz Wright)”

April 23, 2019

When I conceived the idea for this Sound Bytes Series, I started thinking about all the songs Lizz Wright sings and which ones I would choose to pair up with the video clips of the Puget Sound.

Lizz has eclectic taste in music and sings all genres equally well.

I mentioned this in a few previous posts called, “How Do You Spell Eclectic?”, “Favorite Means Favorite!”, “LiZ2: That Certain Something”, and “Heartless In Seattle”.

She chooses a wide variety of songs to sing and she sings them in different styles too.

She does Gospel, rhythm and blues, pop, soul, and folk. She covers artists who sing entirely different styles – including Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Turner, Patsy Cline, just to mention a few.

I think that’s another reason why I like her music so much. Because I like variety in everything too.

So when I think of all her songs, I see each song fitting into one or more categories that I made up in my own mind. The categories describe the nature of the song as well as how she sings it.

Note: There is some overlap. Some of the songs can fit into more than one category.

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Sound Bytes #2….”Sound Views from Anacortes”

April 14, 2019

(Photo taken from Mt. Erie lookout point.)

In “Sound Bytes (Intro)”, I explained how the idea for this Sound Byte Series was spawned.

I wanted to pair together and share the beauty of the Puget Sound, my favorite place, and the beauty of the musical sound of Lizz Wright, my favorite singer.

In the previous post, “Sound Bytes #1 (Seattle And The Sounds)”, I showcased the Puget Sound area around Seattle, and Lizz Wright singing “Reaching For The Moon”, (my favorite cover of all the covers that she does).

In this post, I share some views of the Puget Sound, from two mountain tops in the Anacortes area, where the Anacortes Ferry Terminal is located, and some views of the Puget Sound from aboard the ferry, while I was on my way to San Juan Island. It’s one of the ways to get to the San Juan Islands.

I also share the musical sound of Lizz Wright, singing ” I’m Confessin’ “, in “Sound Bytes #2”. I know you’re going to like it.

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Domoda (West African Cuisine)

March 31, 2019

So I was listening to Lizz Wright’s music the other day……..duh!!

That’s like saying, “So I was breathing the other day…….” 😃

Anyway, so I was having multiple soulgasms (that’s a good thing!), listening to all of Lizz’s songs from my “Lizzles” playlist, while I was working on the previous post, “Seconds of Pleasure”, as well as making “Domoda”, a West African dish, loved by people from The Gambia (as well as I).

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