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Your Singing’s In My Soul

January 19, 2020

I downloaded this photo from Lizz’s facebook page. It’s not mine. But I think it is possibly the best and most realistic photo I’ve ever seen of Lizz. It was taken by a truly talented photographer by the name of Suzanne Kulperger, of Suzanne Kulperger Photograpy.

Over the years I have enjoyed all kinds of music. But I’ve never enjoyed any music as much as I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, your music, Lizz.

Your music penetrates my soul and touches my heart like no other can do. You’re my favorite. No others preferred. Keep it coming!

I hope that your 40th Birthday is as memorable and enjoyable to you as your music has been to me these past five years since I first heard you sing.

Happy 40th Lizz!

“January 22, 1980”

Singing In My Soul

I hope that one day, soon, I’ll be able to travel to see and hear you sing again! It means a lot to me. 😊

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