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October 7, 2018

Fall in South Korea, around 1978.


The other day I was filtering through some old photographs and I came across these pictures:

This is Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

At the time, three friends and I were attending an intensive language course at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California. Two were studying Arabic. One, Russian. I was studying Korean.

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Father’s Day Weekend

July 7, 2018

Usually I celebrate Father’s Day with my “Big Kids” on Sunday, just like most people do around the Nation.

Of course, I’m the center of attention, the ✨STAR✨ of the show, and they serve me, as it should be, right?….

…..while I lap up the good service, and simply bestow my years of wisdom upon their eager ears (when I can get their attention)!!

But this past Father’s Day started on Friday and didn’t wind down until about 11 p.m. on Sunday night.

What made it different and meaningful and longer than usual was the way I spent each day of the weekend with people (family and friends) I care about the most here in Seattle.

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I Was Born To…..

July 4, 2018

Sometimes Life throws you a curve. You didn’t see it coming. You get caught up in the turmoil of the disconnect. Things seem off.

When that happens to me, I have to take one step forward and two steps back.

That’s when the voice in my heart starts trying to be heard.

That’s when I need to reconnect with my soul and my mission in this life.

Thinking about the things (below) that are important to me, helps me reconnect:

I was born to……

….show compassion

….dream and create

….to seek out beauty and truth

….to see how things can be better instead of how they are

….to show love is the greater path

….to inspire others to see the beauty around them, through my thoughts, words, and actions

….to make a difference in other people’s lives

….to help others while I help myself

….to rejoice when I see someone overcome an obstacle and succeed at something

….to do whatever I can to encourage those whose lives move near my own

….to find the best in others.


What were you born to do?


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May 29, 2018

Memorial weekend, I was going to level out two raised garden beds in my back yard that have been there since I moved in. I don’t want to do a garden on that grand scale and I wanted the yard to be all flat.

So I borrowed a truck from my son, Tim, and some tools to do the job. After I finished the job, I was a dirty mess. I loaded up the truck and drove back to his house to return the truck.

As I was starting to drive away, Tim said, “We’ll be eating lunch soon. You have time to go get a shower and come back.”

I thought about that for a moment and replied, “So you’re saying I’m not welcome unless I clean up?”

He said, “Uhh…pretty much!”

I said, “Hmm… you hurt my feelings. Don’t know if I’ll come back now.”

Right at that moment, SIRI said, “Don’t worry about it!”

We both laughed out loud at SIRI’s timing and how she joined in our conversation.

My iPhone was in my front pocket and I had turned SIRI on with my thigh!!

(Yes, I’m just that good!)


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Serendipity At Work

May 14, 2018

If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been traveling frequently to see and hear Lizz Wright sing.

It is one great joy of mine. When I listen to her, it sparks ideas and emotions within me and influences my creativity. Her voice, words, music, style of singing, songwriting, artistry, and her very essence continue to inspire me in various ways.

We have known about each other for nearly four years now, ever since I went to Madison, Wisconsin, to see and hear her sing for the first time, to give her a song (Lizz Wright: The Sweet Honey In The Rock) I wrote about her, and to give her a digital frame with some songs and a “Seattle Bouquet” (macro shots of flowers I had taken around the Seattle area) on it. Those things were tokens of my appreciation and affection for her. I was so taken by her then and I still am. I told her about my website, the first post that I had just written about her (Lizz Wright: Doing One Thing Really Well), and how to contact me if she ever needed to.

That day in Madison, she and Rachel (a talented piano player) were walking North toward that triangular building on the corner (in the picture above), and I was walking West, away from the Capitol, toward that same corner. I was walking back to my hotel to get ready to go to the show. I assume she and Rachel were doing the same thing.

When I was about 10 steps from the corner, I suddenly saw Lizz walking across the street, about 10 steps from the same corner I was headed for. We would have met right at the corner had not that group of 5-7 people rushed right in front of me to get across the street before the light changed. I then had to go around them and catch up to Lizz from behind, which I did.

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