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The First Time Ever

February 10, 2018

I was thinking about the The First Time Ever I heard Lizz Wright sing Roberta Flack’s song called, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face“.

I think it was during The First Time Ever I went to Boston, Massachusetts, to see and hear Lizz sing.

As I listened to her in Boston, it reminded me of The First Time Ever I heard Lizz sing.

I was in Seattle and she was singing, “Reaching For The Moon”, on KIXI radio. I was just blown away by her voice.

So, now it’s three years later, and as I think back on that moment, I realized that was……………………….

…..The First Time Ever I Didn’t Saw Her Face!

(Get it? It was radio….!)


I’m sorry..😉


I really just said all that, to say this:

No matter how many times I see and hear Lizz, it always seems like The First Time Ever!!



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Love At First Sound (Revisited)

October 26, 2020

In a previous post, called “Sound Bytes #6….The Finale”, I included a song I wrote specifically for my Sound Bytes series. (If you click on the link above, scroll down toward the end of the post and you’ll find the song.)

The song is called “Love At First Sound”. It’s about my instantaneous affinity for both, the Puget Sound, and for the musical sound of Lizz Wright. (That’s Lizz with two Z’s, and W-r-i-g-h-t.

I think she’s a very special person and singer. She knows how to sing Wright, live Wright, think Wright, eat Wright, and love Wright. (The W is always silent). What?! 😀

After I did the video of my song, “Love At First Sound”, I listened to it many times and I heard a second harmony, which I wanted to tack onto the end of the song. So I made another video and added the harmony.

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Seems I’m Never Tired Loving You

August 5, 2017

Don’t worry, Nina. She’s gotcha covered!!

That’s what I was thinking as I listened to Lizz Wright‘s newly released cover of Nina Simone‘s song called, “Seems I’m Never Tired Lovin’ You”, a song Lizz has included on her new CD, “Grace”, coming out on September 15.

(You can pre-order her CD on the Lizz Wright link above.)

If you’ve never heard of Nina Simone (shown above, in a picture I downloaded from Nina’s official website), or this song, click on the link below to hear Nina as she sang it years ago. She had a most unique and special talent.

……Seems I’m Never Tired Loving You…..


Then continue reading and listen to Lizz’s cover of the song.

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Post #120

October 26, 2021

Hi there!

Dennis Adams here. In my “HQ”, Dreaming Wide Awake!!

The number “120”, itself, has no special significance. It’s simply the 120th post I have written since 2014, when I started this site. But this post is not a typical post like I normally would write.

In this post, I want to give you some general information about the first 119 posts, which you may not know, and some tips which might make it easier for you to find certain posts, in case you ever want to go back and re-read any of them.

So it’s kind of a “reference post” to help you navigate through the site. And I decided to name it that way because it’s an even number and perhaps, easy to remember, if you want to refer to it again and again.

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