“Wash Me Clean”

February 10, 2018

I’m still enjoying each and every song on Lizz Wright’s new CD, “GRACE”.

I listen to it when I’m playing basketball outside, when I’m getting a shower, when I’m woodworking or traveling, or when I breathe or when I blink. You get the idea, right?

So I was listening to “GRACE”, on my little Boze speaker, one day, as I drove up to a laundromat to wash some oversized blankets.

I put the blankets and soap into the washer, got it going, and then set the little Boze speaker on top of the washer.

Next, I selected, Wash Me Clean (number 9 on the CD).

Then I pressed repeat and let it play over and over until the blankets were cleaned!

Click here


(Go for the gold to hear the song….Wash Me Clean)

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