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Scanner’s Dilemma Revisited

August 30, 2014

Scanner’s Dilemma: Wanting To Do It All.

Sometimes I make myself crazy!

I have about a dozen projects in my mind that I want to do. But I don’t really have to do any of these things. They’re all dreamed up by me and are self-imposed tasks. No one asked me to do them or told me to do them.

What I glean from all of this, is, it actually places a burden on me and creates a false sense of urgency in my mind that I have “important” work waiting. When I look at it this way I think to myself, “This can’t be healthy!”.

“It’s enough to drive a drinking man to stop and take a think!”, as the song goes.  A song titled “Outside Intro” (to the Galaxy Song), written and sung by Clint Black, on his D’lectrified  CD.

But what I ultimately take away from this is that I have a strong desire to create something.  Maybe this is all a prelude to finding that one thing that I could be really good at. Maybe not. Only time will tell.

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